helical gear

Our installation of SolidWorks helps to professionalize and speed up the design and development process.


gearbox pinion and gearEngineering Capabilities

Our engineering expertise centers around early involvement with the customer on new programs. Utilizing simultaneous engineering techniques combined with the technical expertise of our engineering staff, Innovative Sintered Metals can offer part design solutions which can result in significant piece price savings for our customers.


We pride ourselves in quick assistance in the design and launch phases of new programs. Our quote process is accurate with quick turnaround times.


With SolidWorks being our primary CAD software it is very easy to professionalize and speed up the design and development process. We prefer working with our customers solid models to enhance communication and quickness to launch.


Innovative Sintered Metals has expertise in and can provide guidance with several material solutions including stainless steel, iron-based materials, and copper infiltration.


Additionally the engineering staff is ready and willing to educate your staff on the benefits of using a powdered metal part. Innovative Sintered Metals engineering has and can provide a basic powdered metal (PM) course to your engineering staff to help them become knowledgeable of the powdered metal process and the “do’s and don’ts” of designing PM.


Prototyping through Innovative Sintered Metals is available in smaller quantities using machined powdered metal slugs. The machined parts would provide test data for the application but would not offer the production / processing capabilities.